Sunday, September 14, 2014

Romek's Baptism, First Fish and the Salt Mines

Marcin baptized Romek in the river
Elder Hon, Romek, Marcin and I
Dear Mom,

It feels like lately I like never have time to even write an email talking about everything that is going here. I guess it's a good thing that I have the voice recorder so that I can send you recordings. This week's recording was a longer one because I was covering two weeks time.

Romek's baptism was so great!  He wanted to be baptized at the river and it rained all week long. We looked at the forecast for Saturday and it said 80% chance of rain.  We woke up on Saturday to rain and it rained half the day.  The skies cleared and it was in the mid-70's for Romek's baptism. Just perfect!  Romek had actually said that he was going to be baptized in the river whether it was rainy or stormy or what (because he'd get wet anyway :) ), but the weather was nice for all of us there.  Marcin, who was baptized a few months ago is now a priest and baptized Romek.  

We went to the Wieliczka Salt Mines on our P-Day -- the first time for everyone else in our district, but I had already been there (back in April).

At the Salt Mines 
Gotta taste the salt :)
Pretty cool

As you know, we never ate fish because you and dad don't like seafood.  But now I've eaten some fish my mission.  A few pictures to capture the big moment: 
Eating fish for the first time
My real feelings

So Racer is about to leave!  That is so crazy that Racer is going off to college. What classes is he taking? Who is his roommate?
You called Racer "Trace" Is he going by that now...? 
He should know that he will always be Racer to me.

Where on earth is the rock in Arkansas that Bryce proposed to Terra? It looks like they are on another planet!
(That is Terra standing on the rock where Bryce proposed)
I hope you like the pictures I sent!