Friday, February 28, 2014

Headed to Kraków

My new grey suitI used the money that I got from selling my other suit that I bought in Bydgoszcz that was too big to Elder Hubbard

So, today we are on emailing a lot earlier and for not as long because I am leaving Warsaw today on a train!!!
I am being transferred!  Elder Hubbard and I thought we'd be together for 14 weeks.  This was going to be a longer transfer, with a few mini-transfers at 7 weeks.  We thought we were safe since we'd just gotten together.  But I guess not!  

I am going to a city called Kraków!
It's in southern Poland and is one of the oldest cities in the country.  It is a old castle medieval city with legends of knights and kings and dragons and stuff. Way cool, right!  

Apparently it is also the most beautiful city in Poland and some say in all of Europe!  So that will be cool.   I think Robyn Hickerson and Roger Kaspar have both been to Kraków.

I am sad to be split up with Elder Hubbard though.  It was a SUPER fun transfer because we got along so well!   I am being sent to Kraków to open up a new area and continuing the training of a Greenie named Elder Taylor from Texas. He has only been in the country for 7 weeks. It's going to be fun!  I like having trainees for companions because I get to teach them Polish! :) which is way fun.  Elder Hubbard will be going to Katowice.

For Valentines day, Elder Hubbard's girlfriend sent him a package. In it were these two matching ties. So we wore them on Valentine's Day! :)

I went ice-skating for the first time in my life this week! We did that for culture night. We got special permission from the mission president because I think that ice-skating may technically be counted as an extreme winter sport according to the White Handbook. But it was fun! It was pretty hard at first. I don't have very good balance. haha.

They are kicking us out of the library.
I am leaving to Kraków today on a 3 hour train ride!

Love you

Elder Drake Allen

Eating Foo-Foo at Dennis's House (from the Congo -- and nope!  We didn't have to eat any dried caterpillars)

P.S.  from Renee -- Here are some photos from Maciej's baptism -- the man that Starszy Allen handed a card to on the street just before New Year's Day and got to teach briefly before he left Poznán:  

Look at that smile on Elder Peacock's face!

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