Friday, March 28, 2014

A few pictures, a few words

Drake didn't write much this month -- just commented on a few photos I sent to him.  But in his voice recording, he said quite a bit!  He said that they had a few days of exchanges wtih Elder Saltmarsh (below) and a Polish/New Zealand/Tongan missionary named Elder Zelezniak. (Hopefully we'll get a photo of him another day).  Elder Zelezniak grew up in New Zealand and other places, but has Polish descent.  Anyway, Drake said that he's an amazing missionary and has been on his mission for over 2 years -- he asked to extend his mission because he loves it so much.  He goes home in a just a few more weeks and Drake feels blessed to be able to get to work with him.  

He loved getting to work with Elder Saltmarsh for a day, as well.  He said that they set up a display with a scripture on the white board, and sang hymns in Polish as people passed by in the park.  I'm sure they both loved it!  

On exchanges with Elder Saltmarsh
A mini-missionary from Poland (Aleksandra) sent this photo with the following  written below:
Believe, Hope, Endure -- AWESOME MISSIONARY!

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