Saturday, April 12, 2014


The Pawlik Family + the Kraków missionaries
Dear Mom,

That is so cool that you saw Elder Vernon's mom. Elder Vernon is the coolest. He's probably the missionary in this mission that I look up to the most. He's awesome.
As far as the names, those all look pretty good. Except I don't think the Renata has two t's, and Szable ends with an "e", and Jakub is spelled as "Jakub".

(Note from Renee -- Drake told us our names in Polish last week in the voice recording and I wrote and asked him if I had the spelling correct -- these are the names and pronunciations in parentheses):

Scott -- Szkot (ShkOt)
Renee -- Renata (Renotta)
Cebre -- Szable (Shableh)
Terra -- Ziemia (Zemiah)
Drake -- Kaczor (Kauchor)
Racer -- Wyścigówka or Wyścig (Vishkeegowa or Vishkeeg)
Trace -- ślad (Schlaud)
Lexie  -- Ola or Olka (she loves the latter :) )
James -- Jakub (Yacoobp)

That's so cool that you went to General Conference. I did watch it. And I actually watched the Saturday Morning one live! So I  was seeing you guys live! that's cool.
I still have some more sessions to watch though.
Did you ever get the package I sent from Warsaw?

I got a little package from you. Am I supposed to wait until Easter to open it?

Oh, Transfer calls are this Saturday! So I find out this week if I am staying in Kraków.

I have some pictures to send.
We went to the Pawlik's house on Monday, this P-Day.  Brother Greg Pawlik is a Polish man who has been a member for almost 20 years. He went on a mission to Chicago, speaking Polish and English. He is married to an American woman (Lisa Pawlik, look her up on Facebook!) And they have 4 kids. The kids speak both Polish and English fluently.
They both are doTerra people! They are like missionaries for Essential Oils, so their house smells good.
So that is the part that I think you would like, Mom. And now for what Dad would be interested in...   :)


Elder Drake Allen

Shelby Cobra factory (where Brother Pawlik works)
Brother Pawlik giving us a tour of the factory
In front of a Jaguar E type
That's Elder Żeleźniak in the background

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  1. This blog is a GREAT idea! I've never seen it done before. What a great way to keep record of the mission in a way that is easy to share and look back on! Well, have LOVED having Elder Allen and his fellow missionaries in our home! He played some Ukelele with the kids and last weekend at our branch Easter party he and the other missionaries played some great music and even inspired our two oldest to pull out their long-abandoned instruments and even PLAY TOGETHER (which they had never done!) Thank you so much to Elder Allen for his service to Poland, in our branch, and his great influence on our family!! :)