Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mission Life in Kraków

Taken my Lisa K. from Warsaw while visiting church in Krakow
(I emailed these pictures to him before he wrote)
with Elder Hon
Elder Allen waving from that window up high in the middle
(click on it to see it bigger)

Dear Mom,

Hey, where did you get those pictures? Secret paparazzis?

That's not the apartment building window. That's our CHAPEL! :) haha We are on the third floor. (well, I guess they call that the fourth floor in USA)

The group of Poland missionaries who went home
just a week ago
Wow, that is so crazy about all of those missionaries going home.

Those were my MTC Sisters and I knew all of those missionaries really well. 

I got to see Elder Hubbard in Warsaw
at the Missionary Council for Zone Leaders
Practicing the song "If you could hie to Kolob"

Okay, for the missionaries who just came to Poland,  Elder Campora is serving in Lódź.  So I won't meet him this transfer.  And Wright is in Warsaw, so I also won't meet him.
But tomorrow I will meet Elder Summers, because he is in Katowice with Elder Dodge and they are coming to Kraków tomorrow for Zone Training, which I am teaching.

The Kraków Zone Training Meeting.  

Racer is flying alone to Salt Lake City? That's fun. Has he been on a plane before? Is he scared? Tell him that I think that flying on airplanes and going to airports is one of the funnest things to do on Earth! haha :)
So who is Racer rooming with at BYU-Idaho?
And how long will he be going to school there?
As far as what's going on here, Romek's baptism is actually going to be this week because we had to postpone it due to some family matters. But it's still going to happen. And Marcin is still doing it. I gave a talk this Sunday in Church and it was about gifts. It was really cool preparing for it. I focused on 3 gifts that we all have or can all have in this life.
1. The Gift of Agency
2. The Gift of the Holy Ghost
3. The Gift of the Ability to believe in Jesus Christ
Talking about the third one was the coolest. I talked about how every single person on this Earth accepted Jesus as the Savior before this life and that we chose to follow him. We were able to believe in Him there, and we had faith in Him there, so we still have that inherent ability here on Earth. EVERYBODY does. Everybody one Earth has the ability to believe in Christ because they believed in Him before this life. I even said in my talk that deep down, every single person on Earth is a Christian. But not all of them know it. :) haha That's really interesting. And true.
I don't have a voice recording this week but I will send you one next week! :)

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