Sunday, November 2, 2014

Brilliant! (and other new British phrases I've picked up lately)

Me and Elder Jones

Dear Family,

It's been a busy week with my new companion.  First I had zone training.  We usually have the missionaries talk to train the other missionaries in the zone.  But I thought it would be nice to have someone who has been recently baptized talk to the missionaries instead.  So Marcin and another new convert spoke and it was really great.

We had a Halloween party for the people in the Branch. Lots of preparation for the missionaries -- planning, buying pumpkins, cleaning up.  It went really well and was really fun.   

It's also really fun with music because Elder Jones is from Wales, the United Kingdom, Britain!
So he likes the same music that I like -- really great British bands.  He loves The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd,  U2.  Brilliant!

I've even been speaking with a British accent at times, without even realizing it now that Elder Jones (from Wales) is my companion.  And I find when I do that, I end up using fancier words. But they don't actually use the word "fancy" like that because they'd say "I fancy that!" but would say "posh!" to describe something really nice.  Brother Tuderhart (who is from England) from the branch says, "Cheers" instead of "goodbye."

A company here in Krakow (also in Germany and is other places in Poland ) studies food, water, lifestyle -- making a "human library," inviting people of all kinds of lifestyles or backgrounds to come so they can learn about us.  So Elder Jones and I were invited to go last week.  It was really great.  We gave them lots of Books of Mormon.  We will be going back this Thursday and will be doing another conference with the rest of the employees there.  

At McDonalds (a rather posh place in Poland) with the Edgrens

Guess that's it.  Cheers!

-- Drake

Podcast of Elder Allen and Elder Hon in a Polish podcast interview about the gospel.

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