Friday, September 13, 2013

Drake -- Poznan'

On the rynek -- It's waaaay bigger and prettier than the town square in Bydgoszcz

Dear Mom,

So I am in Poznań now (pronounced Pose Nine).  It's a lot bigger than Bydgoszcz and a lot prettier.
It has a way bigger and more interesting old town that's all hilly and stuff
I'll get some pictures of it this week, if I can

So colorful!
Although the city is bigger, the branch is WAY smaller
There are only like 4 members that show up
There are more missionaries than members
So it is WAY different than in Bydgoszcz because we as missionaries run the branch.
Elder Sheley (a senior missionary with his wife) is the branch president and my companion and I are his clerks. So we do the financial stuff.

We have Sister Missionaries here in Poznań. Which is different. I am used to just having Elders.

Elder Christian Todd Peacock from Cedar City, Utah
He will hit his year mark with me
But it's pretty fun, I guess. Sister Bown reminds me A LOT of Terra. She acts a lot a lot a lot like Terra. Which is fun. And she is the same exact age as her too! So they should be friends!

We have a super awesome investigator that we found named Adam!
I will tell you more about him next week, but he is amazing.
We had a meeting with him, he came to church, he is coming to FHE tonight, he wants to meet tomorrow, and he is coming to institute on Thursday
It is SOOO awesome!
He is such a prepared person it is CRAZY!

Having Elder and Sister Sheley as the Senior Couple here is AMAZING
They do SO much to help the missionaries and the branch
You have to see if you can get contact with Sister Sheley and thank her so much!!!
She takes such good care of us! :)

Well, I have to go

Do zobaczenia!! :)

Love, Elder Drake Allen

Poznań City Hall  --On the Rynek (Main Square in old town)

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