Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Drake -- Transferring for the first time!

Note from Renee -- Sometimes Drake doesn't write much, which can be sad for me when I'm up that early to see what he wrote (4:30 a.m. this week).  But I'm grateful to get the photos and it was nice that he confirmed where he was going (I had heard two different places) and explained so much about the Polish language lesson.  If you already saw that on Facebook, sorry for the repeat!

Last District Meeting -- Elder Manwill, Elder Allen, Elder Rittmanic, and Elder Vernon

So I am going to Poznań with Elder Peacock
Like you probably already know

It is pronounced poze-nine
Like the word pose, like a model poses
and the number 9

There's a little wheel with handlebars used for ab work outs
So Elder Rittmanic wheelbarrowed me around the apartment
Their apartment is HUGE
  (Elder Vernon is on the ground sick)
Practicing Polish Casing
 Using stuffed animals to practice insane grammar principles in Polish

In Polish, you have to change the word of a noun depending on what the noun is doing in the sentence. And a noun can change up to 14 different ways.
So it is SUPER complicated and is what makes Polish so dang hard
So I was helping Elder Manwill practice changing the words (called casing) by doing practice sentences with different stuffed animals

So the sentence would be like:

The brown bear gives a blue car to a white seal.

and then switch it around so it is like:

The green dinosaur gives the white seal to the brown owl.

and stuff like that
very hard to explain

But I used to do it all the time with beanie babies back home to practice German
Ask James about it
He'll remember
Or maybe even you will remember
Practicing German in the living room with tons of beanie babies on the floor

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