Monday, August 26, 2013

Drake -- 6 month mark tomorrow!

Waiting at a bus stop
There's the bus coming!!

Dear Mom,

Tomorrow is my 6 month mark on my mission! That is a half way to half way! That is crazy to think. It has been going by so fast.  We have transfer calls this Sunday. So I find out in less than a week where I am going.

I have been in Bydgoszcz for 4 months and I love it here, but I might be ready to leave. I'm not sure yet.. haha

Bydgoszcz at night

I really just hope that I go the same place as Elder Waszkiewicz and that we are at least in the same Zone.

We had Zone Conference this week and it was awesome. Elder Kotter and his companion Elder Hardy stayed at our apartment.  Elder Kotter's mom is just like you!!! She is a super health food person, does yoga, and does doTerra oil stuff.  Elder Kotter is a super healthy eater and inspired me to eat more fruits and vegetables!  So are you in contact with Elder Kotter's mom? You guys have so much in common.

Catholic Church
This is the view from the back
I think it looks cool

At Zone Conference, President Edgren made new announcements for new changes! It's crazy!  He is giving us more freedom and making us more personally responsible for rules.  He wants us to get more creative with finding and wants us to use our talents to find people. Like music or playing musical instruments!  So I think I might by a cheap little guitar.

I like the pictures you sent from the beach!  That's awesome!
I guess you will probably find out from Sister Kagele where I am going!

Elder Drake Allen

The Library -- The view out the window 
from where I am emailing right now

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