Monday, August 12, 2013

Drake -- 16 Lessons!

Statue of the Flisak in Toruń

Dear Mom,

We taught 16 lessons this week!! Which is like incredible! It is the most I have ever taught on my mission so far. Sometimes we are only able to get like 3 or 4.

There were some super hot days this week. So hot that when were in our apartment we would sometimes open up the freezer and put the fan in front of it to get A/C.
A/C like doesn't exist in Poland...

Oh, also this week! I had Green Beans for the first time in 15 years.
The last time I ate green beans, we lived in the house on Murray Road. I ate them and threw up. So I never ate them again, until this week when were at a member's house and they made us some.

Something funny that happened this week was that we were teaching an old lady. And she was asking us about a question about the resurrection. Elder Manwill was trying to tell her that we can come back another time and teach her more about the Plan of Salvation (we had to go)
But she thought that he was saying that she is going to die soon and that we teach her about it in the next life.
I laughed so hard. It was so funny.
I just told her, "No no no! In this week. In this apartment. In this life. On this earth!"
It was really funny.

We have Zone Conference next week which is pretty exciting!

Elder Drake Allen

Spiders galore!!
There were TONS of spiders this week at our apartment! Like every black dot you see in the picture is a spider.
Bydgoszcz is known for it's giant spiders. At least by missionaries it is...

I got bit in the eye during the night and it swelled up. I think it is better now.

Elder Manwill is deathly afraid of spiders. So I have to be the hero... haha      

(Note from Renee -- I was the spider hero at home.  Glad to hear Drake is stepping up to that roll now! :) )

Big boy -- Wowzers!
I buy lots of milk
Those are all my milks.
My companions usually buy like one or two bottles a week...
The one on the far right is chocolate milk!

Inside the oldest building in Bydgoszcz 

This is inside a Catholic Church that was built in the Middle Ages.
Like in the 1400s.  Super old.

It's called the Fara Church or the Church of Saint Nicholas and Martin.

Castle prison in Toruń.  We went to Toruń again this week.

Statue of the Flisak

So the statue of the violinist behind me is of a guy from Toruń legend.
His name is the Flisak (which means "rafter" like one who travels by raft)

The legend goes that there were tons of frogs in the city and the Flisak played the violin and led all of the frogs out of the city. Like the pied piper!

So there is a famous statue of him. And there are little gold frogs surrounding the fountain that squirt water.

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