Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Drake -- Średnio na jeża

I need to get a haircut.  (I'm getting one today).

Dear Mom,

This week I learned that a way to say "so-so" or "ok" in Polish is what the subject of this email is.
It literally means, "Mediumly on the hedgehog."
I think that's so funny because it makes no sense in English...

This week we started helping a member in our branch with a program to stop smoking. He's doing really well and isn't smoking anymore! I have never gotten the opportunity to help somebody with something like that before. It's really amazing to be able to help him with it.

We started teaching a woman this week named Liliana. She met the missionaries on the street over a year ago. We found her in the area book under the section for potential investigators, which is people you met on the street. The missionaries weren't able to set up with her because she didn't have time. But while looking through the area book we found her name and saw that the missionaries weren't able to get a meeting with her.
So we called her and set up with her! We have met with here twice already and it seems to be going well. We are supposed to meet with her tomorrow.

We have Zone Conference this week. So Elder Waszkiewicz will come to Bydgoszcz! That will be fun to see him!
In a week, it will be my 6 month mark on my mission. That is so crazy. Already a quarter of the way through.
Transfer calls are in 3 weeks. We get the calls on the First and we have transfers on the fifth.
I might be leaving Bydgoszcz soon!

Are you friends with Elder Marcus Rittmanic's mom on Facebook?
He is my ZL in my district here in Bydgoszcz. He's super fun. You should try to find her! He's from Provo.

Tell Racer good job on his Eagle Project! Tell him that he needs to beat Jake and Chris! Haha

Elder Drake Allen

Our apartment
(click on the pics to see it bigger)

Elder Manwill made some hamburger meat
and then he found some taco powder stuff in the cabinet
then he was like, "too bad we don't have any tortillas..."
and I said, "Well... Why don't we try making some?!"

So we made tortillas and tacos and they tasted so good! :)

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