Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drake -- Shopping at Biedronka

At the Ladybug Grocery Store
Hey Mom,

This week I had my SEVEN month mark on my mission... At the end of this transfer, I will already be a third of the way through my mission... that is CRAZY.
Sometimes it feels as if time is going by so slow, and then you look back and tons of time has passed.

Our investigator Adam is moving to Warsaw. So that's pretty sad :-/
But we are trying to get him set up with meeting with the missionaries there so that he can be taught and baptized there. I hope it goes well.

I do a lot of translating in church, which I think is super fun.  Because Elder Sheley, the branch president doesn't speak Polish.

Me, Elder Peacock, the sister missionaries, 
Elder Sheley & Sister Sheley at church
This week we had an interesting experience. We went to the train station to pick up Sister Bown. She was coming back from an exchange in Bydgoszcz. And her train came, and she wasn't there!!
It was crazy. So we were calling people trying to figure out where she was and nobody knew. So we had to stay at the train station all day and go to platforms on the train station where there were trains coming in that she might be on. We went to KFC for lunch and dinner... haha. Then finally we found her! She had gotten on the wrong train in Bydgoszcz that had taken her to Toruń! Then she had to get on a train from Toruń to Poznań! It was quite the adventure!
Ulica Mylna -- Mill Street
(the street that we live on)

So, I don't know if Sister Kagele told you, but I am sick!
This is my first time getting sick since getting to Poland! It's just like a cold and sore throat and stuff, but I spent a lot of time yesterday sleeping. And I think I am starting to get better.

As you know, the Kagele's were at church yesterday and it was super fun to see them! And they brought me their ukulele that they say they never play and they gave it to me! It was so nice of them and so awesome.

I think I am also going to buy a guitar from Elder Mikołyski. He is going home in like a month and is selling it to me for pretty cheap.

I hope you have a great week! And Mom, your birthday is coming up! :)
Oh, did you get my package yet??


Elder Drake Allen

We go shopping at Biedronka (which means Ladybug)

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