Saturday, January 19, 2013

Toodle-loo from Terra

Well, this is it. Here I go. I'm the first child in my family to serve a mission, so it feels as if I'm jumping into a pool I've never been in. But I excited. I am very excited. :] I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I'm going on a mission, and it is wonderful. I still think it's crazy, but I also think it's right. And hey, who said that crazy ideas aren't the right ones? I've had so many wonderful examples before me who have decided to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I look up to them so much. Their examples gave me the courage to go. My friends and family gave me the support to go. And my Heavenly Father gave me the faith to go. I have a testimony of this gospel, a strong one. I love being a member of this church. There are so many people who don't know the blessings of it! And that's why I'm going, so that I can share the truth with them. I have a testimony and I need to share it. This is an amazing opportunity! And this is just the beginning. Well, it isn't even the beginning yet, the beginning starts on Wednesday. Nonetheless, every day is amazing and I'm happy to have things to live for. So this is me saying toodle-loo for a year and a half. :] Here I go. <3 Terra

Later: Pictures of Terra's Departure

Mom taking a picture of Terra and Drake's Dorm Friend
(Connections everywhere!)

Terra waving her "last" goodbye...

Blurry, but beautiful! Terra is actually waving her last goodbye!


  1. Oh my gosh. I remember dropping off my sister at the MTC. My friends had to remind to breath because I was literally not breathing. The MTC is a wonderful place. I love going there when I volunteer at the TRC Spanish speaking. I love Terra and she is going to do marvelous things. Her mission field is so blessed to have her and she is so blessed to have her mission!

    1. Melody -- We all thought of you as we passed the dentist office on the way up to the MTC! It was wonderful to see you! -- Renee

  2. she will be awesome! so exciting!!!