Thursday, November 14, 2013

Drake -- It's Getting Colder

It's definitely getting colder!!

Dear Mom,

I think that subject line could be the same for a while.    It's already getting super chilly and it's only the beginning of November! There are super icy cold winds that freeze you to the core. Haha. I feel my soul shivering! And it's not even that cold yet! AH!
Lots of layers. And wraping Dad's Germany scarf around my face and neck multiple times to keep my face from falling off. Ah!

Well, it's the beginning of a new transfer. It doesn't really feel like one that much because it's the same companion and place so nothing really has changed. Sister Bown went to another city called Wrocław and Sister Lidtka came back to Poznań. She's from my MTC group, so that's super fun. She was trained here and now she is back.

Here's our district from the last transfer

Elder Harris is training again. He has a new little trainee. Which kind of makes me sad! haha, I feel like a little kid who doesn't want a new little brother because then the attention will go to him. Hahaha. Elder Harris and I have a super good friendship. He is so fun and I miss him a lot. But we email all the time.

We have Zone Training tomorrow.  So I get to see Elder Vernon because he is coming down from Szczecin. Yay! Also Sister Barth from my group will be there with her new trainee!

Oh, I don't know if I told you this, but President Edgren said that like halfway through the transfer I am going to become District Leader.

Something funny happened this week. We were doing a our music table thing that we do on the bridge. And this crazy drunk guy came up. He was nice and funny but super drunk. He kept coming back to the table to kiss the sisters' hands. Then they would put on hand sanitizer afterwards and then he would come back and kiss them again! It was so funny. Haha. As he was kissing Sister Ott's hand for like the 3rd time she was like, "Nooo...! I just put hand sanitizer on again!!" haha

So I had to lead him away and it was fun. I put my arm around him and said, "Let's go this way!" Then we got to a bike on the sidewalk and I asked him, "Is this your bike?" And he said, "Yes! This is my bike!" (It wasn't his bike...) Then I said, "Oh! It's beautiful! What's its' name?" And he answered, "It's a bike! So it's name is Bike!" And I said, "Oh! How very fitting!" haha. Then we walked further away from the table down the street and I asked him, "So what's your favorite color?" and he said, "Not red!" then we kept walking and I said, "Ok! Now you go that way! Good bye!" And he was like, "Ok! Bye bye!" hahaha
it was so funny.

Oh that's reminds me!  Did you look up the website when we were in the news? 
A reporter lady did a little story about us missionaries online on a news website!!
She took pictures of us playing music and talking to people on the bridge!~

Here is the link!!

click on the top link with the pictures!!

You can translate it into English through google translate if you want!
It doesn't translate that well though.

It says that we are "agitating", but it is supposed to mean, "advocating or advertising" :)

On the bridge -- meeting people as they pass by
Having fun playing the ukulele or as the article says "Boy plays guitar"  :)

That is SOOO cool about Elder Haddock!!!!!!!
MAN! We were REALLY good friends with the Bulgarian elders.  And Elder Haddock was in the dorm room right next to mine.  That's so cool because I was talking to him and said, "Elder Haddock, when you go to Bulgaria. You need to find your mom and baptize her! And he was like, "I sure hope so! That would be so cool!"
That is so crazy that Elder Mikołyski and Manwill are home.
Elder Mikołyski was the first missionary I met here in Poland.
I emailed Taylor. He is soooo funny! haha.


Elder Drake Allen

P.S.  from Renee -- I'll have to fill you in on the Elder Haddock story -- for now, here's a photo of him from the MTC.   He's serving in Bulgaria now, but was in Drake's MTC zone. And he's on the cover of the October 2013  New Era magazine.

Elder Haddock is in the middle in the MTC cafeteria

Elder Haddock on the right teaching in Bulgaria

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