Saturday, November 9, 2013

Drake -- Many MORE photos

Dear Mom -- 

Lots of stuff happened this week and I have lots of pictures.
So instead of sending one long email, I am going to send lots of pictures with the stories and explanations that go with them.

Photography Merit Badge -- Who got that badge?  I did!  :)
Fuzzy warm hat bought in Poland

All Saints Day
This is like the Day of The Dead
They decorate all of the graves and the whole cemetery is all glowy
lots of pictures

We did this for culture night

Monument at the graveyard -- creepy
Cool candles
Military Cemetery
Looks like stars

Elder Peacock and I dressed up as each other for Halloween!

We switched coats, scarves, hats, glasses, ties, bags, nametags and even heights!

This is the death camp in Poznań.  It is called Fort 7.
The man in the middle is Marian. He is a member of our branch and gave us a tour of the camp.
The Sister Missionaries were there, as well.
Gas Chambers at Fort 7
The Nazis killed lots of Poles, Jews, and mentally-ill people here.
They actually said that Fort 7 here in Poznań
 was the first Nazi Death Camp in Poland.

We went to a WW2 Concentration Camp with week.
The Nazis tortured and killed thousands of Polish people here.  These are the Stairs of Death. It was a form of torture.

The Nazis would put something super super heavy on a persons back and force them to run up and down the stairs. They would also throw people down the stairs to torture them.

Deptak -- This is the pedestrian Zone in Poznań
Just me
Me and Elder Peacock
Cool Sky
Rynek at night (ghosts running behind me :) )

Street at night
Painting an old lady's house.
We took turns painting because there weren't enough paintbrushes.
So I played the guitar when it wasn't my turn!  :)

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