Sunday, November 3, 2013

Drake -- Photos of Poznań & some talk with James

Note from Renee -- James woke up extra early and emailed Drake back and forth for about an hour last Monday.  By the time I woke up, I wrote a few questions to Drake and that's about all he had time to write to me.  I'll post his photos and will share some of his and James' banter:

Drake:  Where are you going on your mission?

James:  Germany --  because I'm learning German, right?

Drake:  Oh yeah!  How is that going????

Drake:  Wie geht es dir?

James:  Great, but I've been hearing by ear and not seeing the words, so I can't type German.  And I'm great.

Drake:  Okay, James!  I have to go.  Have a fun day! :)  Love, Drake

James:  Bye, talk to you next Monday.  When I have glasses!

The Opera House
Castle (behind the trees)
The Library where I email
Street by the Library

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