Sunday, December 1, 2013

Drake -- Happy Birthday James!

Happy Birthday James -- from the library!
Another "selfie" that Elder Peacock didn't enjoy as much :)

Dear Mom,

Elder Peacock's friend who is a missionary sent him a email that said:

"If you play half game, you still get a whole snowcone! That means that even though you might only have half of the investigators as the rest of the missionaries in the world, you still get all the blessings of missionary work! :) "

That is SO crazy that James got turtles!!!! Haha :) That's so funny. Do they have names? Can you send a picture of him with them? So Dad was ok with him getting pets? How long will those turtles live? Where is the aquarium? What does he feed them?  Tell me that one of them's name is Squirtle!!! Haha 

James was still in bed when Drake wrote on Monday, but it was his birthday, so he was anxious to have the day begin.  When I asked him if he wanted to show Drake his new turtles, he jumped up and posed for a few pics I took with my phone to quickly email to Drake.
You can see one of the turtles swimming on the left

In the picture that you sent me of James blowing out the birthday pizza candles I could see some plates on the fireplace mantle. Are either of those the Polish Pottery plate that I sent you from Bydgoszcz?

I am going to try to send home some presents for Christmas this week. You already have Racer's, right? I hope they get there on time. If not... they will be New Years presents... for everybody else on my birthday. Haha.

It snowed yesterday but didn't stick. But I think it is supposed to snow again this week.

We have an exchange with the APs (Assistants to the Mission President) this week. Pretty crazy. The APs right now are Wilson and Neuner. I was with Wilson in Bydgoszcz my first transfer. I will tell Elder Neuner about the Elder who was/is serving in Santa Cruz who knows him. Seelos, I think.

Did Dad call Grandpa and tell him about the Funeral?

That's so crazy that Collin got married! Tell him congratulations from me! Also, does he know that KayLee is serving in the same mission as he did? She actually leaves to New Jersey today I think!  Is his wife from another country?

Oh, and what was Lexie dressed up as for Halloween? In the white dress and with the London teddy bear?

Oh, and do you think that you could send me the weather forcast for the week in PoznaƄ every week? Just like send it on Sunday so that I can get it on Monday.

Tell James Happy Birthday from me! :)
Huh, will this be the first Christmas in our family without the whole family being there?
Well, I guess I will be there by telephone! :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Are you guys going anywhere or having any guests?
We are having a branch Thanksgiving dinner. They don't have Thanksgiving in Poland. So we are sharing that with them! :) The Sheley's are going to make a full thanksgiving FEAST! :) yay!

Elder Drake Allen

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