Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just before Christmas . . .

This photo is from Sister Edgren's Instagram -- 
thought I'd add it since Drake wasn't able to upload one
 -- taken at their Zone Christmas Party

Ok ok ok
For some reason my camera is not connecting to the computer!! AAHH!
I wanted to send a picture of my christmas tree. haha
it looks like the one on the charlie brown movie
It's a little tiny one that I bought on the street for like 15 złotych
It's a real tree
But I forgot to water it for a while
so it shed, sheded? shedded? sheddedded? dang
I don't know how to speak English anymore
anyway... it lost a lot of pine needles and so it is all super barren and twiggy
But I still put ornaments and colored christmas lights on it
so it's ok

Christmas morning, I am going take my presents out of the package and put them under the tree and open them

And then we are going to hang out at the Sheley's house during the day, then set up the chapel for Zone Conference the next day, and then talk to you on the phone! :) yay! :)
By the way, did you wrap up all the presents that I sent home and put them under the tree? If so, then please take a picture and send it!

and make sure to take pictures of people opening up my presents to them! :)
I am excited for Christmas, excited for Zone Conference, and super excited to talk to you in just 2 days! :)
Talk to you soon! :)


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