Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Morning in Poland!


(Note from Renee -- Much of this is in answer to some of my questions).

Dear Mom,
I got a package in the mail that feels like it has a book inside. It says on the outside that I am not supposed to open it until my birthday. Soooo I am assuming that that is a birthday present.
But there is only one package though.  So far at least. 

So does that mean that you and Dad are going to come pick me up??? I think that would be so cool! I really want you guys to. That would be so much fun! And it would be you only chance to ever see me as a missionary in Poland.
I think you might have to like get special permission from the mission president though.

Polish people dress more niceley? hmmm... well, most of the people walking around on the street are like homeless... so i think you'll be ok...

My tree
I was okay after our phone call. It was so fun to get to talk to you all. I wish it was longer though. It seems to fly by way to quickly. But it was so cool to get to hear from everyone.

Transfer calls are this Sunday! Pretty crazy! I could be staying in PoznaƄ or leaving. Since Elder Peacock and I got here at the same time, it really could be either of us that are leaving. Or course, I would love to stay. I love the branch here and I am so close to the members. But like, I would be okay with leaving. It's just nicer to stay. :) So,, we'll see!!! :)

Elder Drake Allen

To hear Drake singing a Polish Christmas Carol -- click here

Scarf from Grandma -- I have actually been wearing it a lot lately -- it's super nice!
                           Yay! I have already made a ton!


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  2. I love this blog. I was a missionary there with the Nielsons, however, I had a heart attack after 6 months and had to come home. I miss the people so much. Szczecin was where I served and it was amazing.

    1. Hi Levi -- I'm so glad that you are able to see the people and places of Poland here on the blog through Drake's eyes. I'm so sorry about your heart attack and it ending your mission early. Drake is hoping to get to serve in Szczecin. I think he's heard good things about it from the other missionaries.