Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Carpet of Snow

Dear Mom,

No, we haven't found anybody new yet to teach. We have found or taught quite a few people on the street who go into the area book as being potential investigators, but the hard part is setting up that first meeting with them. People are ALWAYS so busy. I think that the biggest obstacle in teaching people on a mission is that everybody is always so busy. They never have time. It really stinks. I mean, if they knew how important this is, they would take the time, But they don't even have the time to take the time to find out how important it is! haha Yup. Yup yup yup.

I sent Drake this Facebook post from the mom of the  missionary who took his place in Poznan' (click on the picture to make it big enough to read)

Yeah! I talked to Elder Peacock on the phone this week and he told me all about what has been going on with Maciej! It's going super well! He's a miracle story!!
He's getting baptized in less than 3 weeks! It's so wonderful.  
I am so happy that I handed him that pass-along card and got to find him! :)

Maciej is a miracle. He's super awesome. I am a little sad that I didn't get to stay there and be teach him all the way up to his baptism. But I am at the same time so happy that he is getting baptized! And that happiness overcomes that little sadness! :)

It's been pretty darn cold this week. It think it got to sub-zero temperatures Fahrenheit. I think it isprobably the coldest temperature that I have ever experienced. It snowed quite a bit too. There is a nice pretty soft thick blanket of snow outside. I found out this week that Poles don't say that there is a "blanket of snow" but rather that there is a "carpet of snow". haha. Pretty funny.

So! Guess what! I did some voice recordings this week. And took pictures. But we came to this library today that is closer to our apartment. And guess what! You can't send pictures or attachments on the computers here! It's really dumb! So we'll probably have to start going back to the other one that is farther away.
We take turns translating. I didn't do it the week before. Elder Wilson did. But I did it yesterday.

No, there are actually quite a few American families in the ward.
I haven't met the Weisenburger's yet, and the Edgren's are never there. They are going inactive... Haha. Just kidding. They are always traveling to other cities and stuff! :)

That's so cool that Nathan bought Grandpa's old Porsche! I bet that made Clay, Mark, and Dad so happpy! :)

Have a great week! :)

Elder Drake Allen

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