Sunday, March 8, 2015

Time for Farewells / Time for new adventures! 2/22/15

With my MTC missionaries -- Elder Waskiewicz, Elder Wolfley, 
and Elder Blom before they headed home

Dear Mom -- 

My extension now begins.  Instead of going home tomorrow with my MTC group and other 4 sister missionaries, I will stay for another month.

I am going to be going around the mission with Elder Fotu training missionaries and serving in every single city (that has missionaries) for a couple of days each. That will be fun. I'll be able to meet all of the missionaries and go to all of the cities. I am most excited to go the cities that I used to serve in, especially Poznań and Bydgoszcz.

Drake with Elder Fotu on the right (Traveling Assistants)
Elder Retallick and Elder Kimball on the left (APs)
It was really really hard leaving Kraków. I gave my farewell talk yesterday. I cried. A lot. I almost got a hold of my emotions until I looked up and saw that all the members were crying too. So that made me cry more.

Today I have my last day with my fellow MTC missionaries. They leave tomorrow morning. It'll be crazy.

I hope I will have more time to email next week.


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