Sunday, March 8, 2015

Visiting Zakopane 2/15/15

Giving a Geography lesson to all
(Poland on one side of the ridge and Slovakia on the other)
Up in the mountains with the Krakow missionaries

Dear Mom,
We are going to Zakopane today. Snow city in the mountains. Seriously no time to email. Going and doing fun things for P-Day is fun and all, but it's not fun having no time to email! Hopefully I get to catch up next week on emailing. Love you! -Drake

(a week later)

Dear Mom,
Once again, I have no time to email. One of these days I hope I will actually get some time. I have some super sweet pictures to send from Zakopane. It was the coolest P-Day of my mission. It was really fun!
Love, Drake

With Brother Pawlik for the Shelby Cobra factory tour

P.S. from Renee -- Drake still hasn't sent his pics from Zakopane.  These are all from others.  Once I get them, I'll be sure to add them on.

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