Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mission life has pretty much become my real life for now

Cathedral on the Rynek
Dear Mom,

That's awesome that you found more pictures the Salt Mines. It was kind of impossible to capture everything on camera. It was so so so cool. It was probably the coolest P-Day of my mission. It was so awesome.  

(Note from Renee -- Elder Raines came home from his mission in Poland just a little early for some health reasons and wrote a note in Polish that I sent to Drake)

Yeah, I can understand what Elder Raines wrote. Why can't you? :) haha, just kidding. That guy was an amazing missionary. He's a legend. Is he feeling better now? 

(Another note -- Drake's good friend's younger brother is the lead in South Pacific this year in Redding -- I sent Drake a pic of the poster).

What is South Pacific? Is it a musical? Thomas looks so OLD!  

I ate the Easter candy. Thank you. It was good. I thought it was interesting in your letter that you said that James is being very similar to me. How so?

On the Streets of Kraków
Street view

This was a pretty good week. We have 2 investigators with baptismal dates. Zbyszek and Przemek. Wow. Try to pronounce those names. Maybe google translate can pronounce them for you. haha :)
Zbyszek is about 17 years old. We found him in the park while doing the music board thing.

And then Przemek is probably like 30 and he was also found in the park.
He is really interesting and cool. He dresses like a cowboy and has a beard because he is in an American Folk band and plays the banjo and the guitar. haha :)

My trainee, Elder Remy
Oh! My trainee. His name is Elder Aaron Remy and he is from Plain City, UT. I think it's by Ogden. He's pretty cool. He is still adjusting to the time I think and is tired all of the time. haha :) But hey, I am still tired all the time, that's the missionary life!! haha

Tomorrow is Zone Conference in Katowice. That will be pretty awesome! I will get to see Elder Hubbard which will be so much fun. I miss that guy a ton. He's the best.
I got to talk to Maciej on the phone last night, the one that got baptized in Poznań. That was nice. I email him every week, but it was nice to get to talk to him.

Jan, the recent convert that we have been working with is having a really hard time. He got beat up and mugged this week. Maybe you guys can pray for him too.

But I am doing ok. I think that mission life has pretty much become my real life for now.

This week marks me being in the country of Poland for a full year. Crazy talk. I have less transfers left then I have been out. Only 10 months left. Very mixed feelings about that.

Have a great week!

Elder Drake Allen

Note from Renee -- Drake had so many pictures last week and none this week. So if you think you've seen these pictures before, you're right -- I stole them from last week's blog post! :)

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