Thursday, May 29, 2014

Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo (and to the Mound)

church at the mound
Dear Mom,

It's getting warmer here in Poland. It's like actually starting to get hot.
Which is good because it is sunny and more people are out, but also it's getting hotter to the point where it's like not pleasant to be walking around outside. haha  It's not super hot. It's just super humid, and that makes things difficult.

This is the Kościuszko Mound. It's part of a fort.
Best view of Krakow
from below the mound
walking up to the mound
panorama from the mound
(click on photo to see detail)
windy tie on the mound
This week we went to the zoo with our English class. It was the first time I had been to a zoo in a long time. I actually think that the last time I went to the zoo was with Dad in Frankfurt, Germany when I was a  freshmen in high school. Weird.
So, for the last 5 years or so, I have only gone to zoo's in Europe. haha.
I remember going to the Zoo in Eureka quite a few times when I was growing up. I remember there being prairie dogs, maybe a bear or two, and a old orangutan.

at the zoo
Jan, my friend from India
Jan -- next to a peacock!
I talked about in my voice recording how Przemek came to church and I taught Sunday School. So that was good!  

Tonight, we are starting an exchange with the APs. So with Elder Vernon and Elder Lanham. I don't know who will be with whom. But it will be cool. Tomorrow, we have Zone Training, which means that the Katowice district will be coming over here, which means that I will get to see Elder Hubbard! Yay! :)

I'll send some pictures from the zoo and stuff.

meercats!! (Timon!)
(meercats are Drake's favorite animals; koalas, too)

Will I be an uncle this week? Maybe?
I think Nathan was on his mission when I was born.

Alex won't be in Kraków this week, I don't think. So you could always tell the Jensens to tell me when Cebre has her baby, I guess.

I'll send some pictures now!

Elder Drake Allen

It looks like the exchange was with Elder Vernon!  (a church member emailed this picture to me a day after Drake's email -- he saw the missionaries on the street and took a picture for me and Elder Vernon's mom -- love that!)

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