Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wawel Castle and the Dragon's Lair

Wawel Castle
model of the castle
In the dragon's lair -- it's a cave underneath the castle 
where the legendary dragon lived
statue of the dragon

        dragon breathing fire
   he does it like every 10 minutes
(this girl has no fear! :) )

Dear Mom,

It was fun Skyping with you guys last night. 

I sent a lot of pictures today.  Hope you enjoy them.

Happy Mother's Day again. Bad boys. :)

Elder Drake Allen

(Note from Renee -- I have always laughed when Drake referred to something as "these bad boys" and he did that in our Mother's Day call.  I told him that was my Mother's Day gift to hear him say it again :) )

Our investigator Przemek
Pronounced Psheh-mek
He goes by Willy Blake :)
Przemek and I
Talking to a man

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