Saturday, March 2, 2013

Drake's FIRST Letter!!!

Dear Family,
I made it through the first day at the MTC and I am allowed to write you tonight, but I won't be able to email until next Monday or maybe even later.  It has been a really long day.  But it's pretty fun.  There are 6 Elders and 6 Sisters in my district and 2 of the Elders are actually going to England, but speaking Polish.

We are in the same zone as missionaries going to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Bulgaria.  I met Lindsey Walch's MTC teacher.  Brother Tribe is our teacher and he only speaks Polish! ** My companion's name is Elder Blom and he is from New York.

Anyway, I am doing great and having a fun time. I have been helping the other Elders with their Polish.  I love you all.

Love, Starszy Allen

**  (Drake knows Brother Tribe or Stewart Tribe -- one of Scott's mission companions from almost 30 years ago is Stew's dad and we've been friends with them over the years-- hopefully Drake will get a picture with him at some point.)

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