Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Drake gets to go to the TRC!

Class happy!

People in our district with glasses

Mom mom mommy,

P-Day P-Day P-Day

I will attempt to answer all of your questions from your letter:

There are 4 Elders in my room: Elder Allen, Elder Blom, Elder Owens, and Elder Olsen.
Owens and Olsen are the ones going to England.
The cafeteria is pretty good. Not that bad. I like the ice cream.
I haven't tried their bacon yet, but their eggs are probably made out of yellow chalk.... haha. I tried them, and that's what they felt and tasted like.
I am loving learning Polish. It is very difficult, but very fun as well.

Provo Temple
That sounds wonderful that their were so many people at Grandma's funeral. I wish I could have been there.

We went to the TRC ** for the first time this week. Where we teach Polish RMs lessons in Polish. (Like I used to for German) It was super fun.

I love getting letters from you and Lexie, and I finally got Dad's letter this week. The letters take so long to get here. Sometimes it is even up to a week.
I actually like it when you send me the Dearelder's though, mom. Because I get them faster and... I am not that good at reading your cursive... haha :)
But a mixture of both is fine too.
I got a letter from Terra and sent her a letter last week, I don't know if she has gotten it yet though.

Alrighty, better go

Elder Drake Allen

** P.S. from Drake's mom -- The TRC is the Teaching Resource Center where volunteers who speak the language being learned come to pretend they are someone who wants to learn the gospel.  So the misisonaries get to practice teaching someone who will only speak the language to them in return.  Drake volunteered at the TRC while he was at BYU, only for the German language or for English for those from non-English speaking countries.  

Also, they MTC is right across the street from the Provo temple and the missionaries  get to attend the temple each P-day and apparently have some time for picture taking. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger if you want to zoom in.

Most of our Zone --
Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croation

Epic Flag

Zach Hosman!
(Zach was a friend of Drake's in the dorms and was Terra's "Host" when she was dropped off at the MTC, click here for that picture.  He is going to the Sacramento Mission, Laotian speaking)

Temple downhill

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