Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Terra is as wonderful to hear from as ever

Snow in our Backyard

Hello dearest Mommy,

Today is a different day for sure. I've never lost a loved one, let alone two within the same week. Truthfully, I don't know how to react, especially since I'm not there. I do wish I could be there to comfort you and Dad and everyone else, but it's here that I need to be. So I'm trying the best I can to comfort you from here and to continue in the work here. That's what's keeping me going, knowing that there is much to be done here, and I have been asked to do it. The Lord is providing for me here. It's you guys I'm worried about. How do you comfort someone who is sad when you are far away? I don't know how to do it. Just know that I love you all so much, and am doing my best here so that Heavenly Father can bless you even more there.

We're going to flip this email around so we can brighten some moods and think about other good things. First of all, I want someone to google what the purpose of a water tower is. There are a lot of water towers here in Ohio, and upon looking at them, I'm realizing that they really don't make any sense. I have a lot of questions concerning them. How did so much water get up there? How do we get it down? Whose idea was it? "Hey I've got an idea: let's put a LOT of water waaaay up in the air." .... There must be a purpose for them, but I just don't know what it is. And it's been driving me crazy. 

We have a set of Elders in our ward.  And once, we blocked their car in.  So at our zone meeting the next week, they blocked us and OUR TIRES WERE TOUCHING!
People here are great. Really. The people we are working with are so great. We have quite a few progressing, and most of them know that it's true! They know it! I know they do! But there are a few roadblocks in there way, and we're trying to tell them that they don't need to stop there, but that they can jump over them! They are definitely capable of jumping over them, and if they only knew how much better the journey is on the other side, they would do it. But they just haven't taken that leap. And really, at this point, all we can do is cheer them on and pray for them. But they are all so fantastic. We had seven investigators at church yesterday, and at least three less actives. We're working quite a bit with less actives. I think sometimes we get confused and think that missionary work is only finding investigators and converting them. But it is also bringing back the lost sheep (the less active) because Heavenly Father loves them just as much and wants them to come back to the church just as much as those who don't even know about it yet.
Zone Activity -- I love my companion! :]
It's still not easy being here. I know it never will be. But life isn't meant to be easy. It really isn't. Life is full of making sacrifices, learning, and growing up. None of those things are easy, but they are all very rewarding. And those are the kinds of rewards that you can take with you to heaven. And those are the best kind. But I do love my dolls. I miss making dolls. I wish I could take those to heaven with me. But I'm sure there will something like that in heaven. :]

Another snow picture
Okay, I don't want you to all think that I have lost my craziness. It's still with me. The other day while we were in the middle of teaching a lesson to some of our investigators, Sister Ward was talking and using her hands a lot. And at one point, she put out her hands, and held them there for a few seconds, and one of them was pretty close to my face. Within the first second, I just looked at it. Within the second second (haha), I wanted to bite it. In the third second, I thought that would be weird and also thought she would move her hand before I got the chance. At the fourth second, I bit her hand. Well, no I didn't, she moved it just in the nick of time because she saw me coming. But it wasn't very sly, and it deviated from the lesson, and we lost a few investigators that day.... Just kidding! We didn't lose them. But from now on I am going to refrain from biting my companion's hand during a lesson. Maybe.
Long story, but the orange with the cute face is Sister Ward (I drew it) and the orange with the crazy face is me (She drew it)

I'm going to admit something that I really don't want to admit. But, you guys are all far
The first drawings in my new sketchbook!
away and so if you laugh at me for it or think I'm weird. it doesn't matter. Sister Ward made me wet my pants this week. Well, tights I guess. I knew it was going to happen sometime. She seriously makes me laugh SO HARD and it's always while we are tracting and no where near a bathroom that we can use. It was like ten minutes before we had to turn in for the night, and she had been making me laugh so much the whole time we were at that complex, and it was finally the last straw. She nearly wet her pants from laughing so hard that I was wetting my pants, but she didn't. At least I don't think she did, she might have and just not told me. My goodness though. It was worth it. Sister Ward is worth everything, seriously. She makes every single day fantastic and is the very best trainer I could ask for. It's the perfect combination of working hard, learning a ton, and having a blast while doing it.
Sister Ward loves to snuggle in her blanket

-Lainie: Thanks for your email!! I miss you. :] You are so sweet and so cute! Thanks for the present you sent me. Very cool paper folding. I love it. :]
-Kayla Soderberg: Kayla..................please write me. :]
-Melody: PLEASE WRITE ME TOO! haha. :]
-Jeni Young: Thanks so much for your email! I loved it, and I thought a lot about it this week, and it was good to hear from you. Keep me updated what happens with Brandyn and his college/mission plans!
-Cebre & Hiram: my sweet babies. I love you.
-Racer, Lexie, James: I love you too.
-Jenna Jones: I got your card. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! TELL ME AS SOON AS YOU GET YOUR CALL!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! You're going to Columbus, Ohio!!! hahaha. I HOPE.
-Nathaniel: If you could, could you send me the lyrics to "A Warning Sign" and "Swallowed in the Sea"? They've been in my head all week long. Thanks. :]
-Marcus Christensen: Where's my one letter?!
-Grandma Southwick: Imagine me giving you a big hug right now!!! I love you so much, and wish I could be there for you!
-Violet Sharpe: Happy almost wedding!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!

-Emma:  I MISS YOU!!!!!!
-Jake Winfield: I will write you, I will. Thanks for your letters! I'm wearing a bear skin shirt right now!
-Tell the Wiseman family thank you for all of their letters!!! I haven't gotten the chance to write any of them back, but nearly all of their family has written me on such great cards, and I've loved them all. So please tell them thanks!

I have a few things I need you to do . . .  (blah, blah, blah . . . deleted from the blog)
Sorry for being so needy this week! And of all weeks! Sheesh!
I have LOVED everything you have sent me. Seriously. You are SO FAST with sending things, it amazes both me and Sister Ward. Thanks for the SD card. When this one gets full, I'll send it home. 

Mail in the snow -- I know my face is crazy.

AND THE JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE LU LU LEMON JACKET!!!!!!!!!!! MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM WEARING IT AS I WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you compacted it SO well (which by the way, I loved). I truly love it. I only wear it in our home. Basically everywhere we go smells like smoke, and I do not want this jacket smelling like smoke or ever getting ruined. So I wear it in the mornings and night and love it. :] :] Well, and I wore it to the zone activity today. ahhhh it's so great. And thank you for the tights!!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. SO MANY LETTERS. I always love them and always need them. Such a sweet Mommy dear. 

I must go now. Give everyone love-felt hugs for me. Especially Dad and Grandma Southwick. I wish I could help in some way, but just know that I love you all so much.

Love, Terra

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  1. Ahhh! Love her! What a wonderful sister missionary! Full of the spirit and fun! Love it! Her companion is so lucky to have her :)