Saturday, March 2, 2013

Drake embarking on his Mission

Leaving home
Drake entered the MTC this past Wednesday to begin his 2 year mission to Poland.  He will be in the MTC until April 30th and then he'll be on his way to Warsaw.  We haven't heard from Drake yet, but here are some pictures from just before he left.

James and Drake at the airport curb

Saying goodbye to Lexie before we left for the airport

Drake's last meal before going in.  His drop-off time was 12:30 and he wouldn't get food till dinner time.
Hugging Cebre goodbye (and our super bright green rental Jeep)

His host elder helping him with his luggage.
Me, telling him to give us details in his letters and to take lots of pictures

A few last words of advice -- I never run out. :)

Hiram was sweet enough to take my camera so I could enjoy the moment and be in a few pictures, too.

I guess this is it.

Grabbing his luggage to go

About to walk away!

And there they go!!!

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