Monday, June 10, 2013

Drake -- BAPTISM!!

Note from Renee -- Drake didn't write much this week, so I'm posting our back and forth so his little bits make more sense.  Mine will be in PURPLE since that's my favorite color.  Drake's will be in BLACK,  well, because he wears a black suit!

This guy drives around Bydgoszcz in a Herbie car
All apartments in Poland are painted all weird multi-color

Robert's baptism.  My new suit, too!

Hey mom, I don't know how long my email will be this week, because Elder Harris wants to go soon and I still have to email the President
That is what I am doing right now

Okay, do what you can do and then maybe just write a little sentence to Racer and I'll explain that you never got his email.

I wrote Racer just a few minutes ago.

That's wonderful.  He'll be so happy!

Basically, I am doing great. The baptism was amazing. I love you all.


Oh, also I talked to 3 guys in German this week. Crazy.
One was from Germany and only spoke German. It was on the street and I talked to him about the Book of Mormon in German.
But my German is like a quarter Polish now, because I think more in Polish.

That's super fun.  If you write about the baptism in your journal, maybe you can copy the page and mail it to us so we have a record of it (or scan it in for next week).

Love you!!!  Thanks for the pictures!

Love you too. Have a great week!

-- Drake

Walking along through the park

Contacting in the park we found it was a park 
full of old ladies who didn't want to talk to us
Snowing stuff -- Cottonwood or whatever

P.S. from Renee -- If you haven't seen it already, there is an American family who live in Bydgoszcz and go to church with Drake.  The mom, Kelley, keeps a really wonderful blog called Never a Dull Day in Poland.  Click here if you'd like to see it.  Kelley takes gorgeous photos and chronicles her family life there.

Drake was even in picture in this post about her moving day!   She said it was fine if I posted the picture here, as well.  

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