Monday, June 24, 2013

Drake -- Still in Bydgoszcz

Tired and sweaty
Dear Mom,

Yup, so as you already know. I am staying here in Bydgoszcz. Which I am very happy about. I really wanted to stay here because I like it a lot here.
Elder Harris is going to Warsaw to be a Zone Leader, which is super exciting. But I am sad that he is leaving. My new companion will be Elder Stockford. I have never met him, but I will meet him soon!  This week.

Transfer Board of Guesses
Some missionaries make up their own transfer board to guess where people are going.  Here's mine! ha ha  (You can click on the photo to read it better)

That is so cool that Taylor Edginton is going to Argentina! Tell him that is awesome! Where did his brother go, again? Somewhere in South America, right? So they will be able to speak Spanish together. That's cool.

So I was wondering, who are the Moms that you are friends with through your email group thing? Like what are their last names?

Panoramic shot of us at Manekin (restaurant)
We had Zone Conference this week, which was super awesome. I got to see Elder Waskiewicz, which was really good because I missed him a lot. I think he is staying in Szczecin though, which is in my Zone, so I will see him again next Zone Conference.

We went and saw My Fair Lady (in Polish)  for culture night this week. It was pretty good!  One a transfer we are allowed to take a night to do a cultural activity like going and seeing a play, or stuff like that.

The opera house where we saw My Fair Lady

That's sad about Mr. Hart. :(  I'll try to send him a message.

VERY hot this week !
So it looks like James was dressing up like Link, am I right? :) That's a pretty cool hat he has there! Isn't that my Robin Hood hat? From when I dressed up as Robin Hood with Austin Penfold in like the first grade? How did he find that?

It was reallllllly reallly hot this week. It got up to 105 degrees... And it's just the beginning of summer.. So I am not excited for that! Oh well.

Starszy Drake Allen

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