Monday, June 24, 2013

Terra -- Lancaster

Fun flowers and my little mini Terra doll!

The computers at this library are SUPER slow with uploading pictures. And we have less time as this library, so I'm too impatient to wait for the pictures to upload one by one. But I'll try to send some at the end of this computer session.

Wow, this week was hard. Why? You know what, I don't really know. No that's a lie, I know exactly why. I figured it out part way through the week. Probably on Thursday or--no no, I figured it out on Wednesday. Sister Reed was reading a talk to us while we were driving to an appointment. I don't remember what the talk was, nor do I remember who it was by or what it was about, but while she was reading it, I gained some personal revelation. I realized something: A selfish person cannot live a selfless life and be happy. It just doesn't happen! It just doesn't work! And I realized that that is a HUGE reason why I have been struggling. A mission life is a selfless life. I am a selfish person. But I am living a selfless life, and therefore, I am not happy! It all makes sense now. But not the hard part is to become selfless. Line upon line... always.

My lovely companions!

The mission broadcast last night was incredible. I cried during each video. Especially the first video where it showed a family, and each member of the family reached out to someone and shared the gospel with them. That is exactly what missionary work is supposed to be like! The work hastens through the members! We need the members! Members are to find and fellowship, missionaries are to teach them. There's a fine line for missionaries when it comes to gaining their trust and becoming their friend and being only a missionary. Does that make sense? No, that doesn't make sense. Okay, well what I'm trying to say is, our purpose as missionaries is not to sit and chat with people, and get to know them, and be their friend. That sounds harsh. Of course we are supposed to be their friend! Everyone should be friends! But what I mean is that we have a different calling and a different purpose. We are to teach them about the gospel, and invite them to come to Christ. If we are spending too much time getting to know them, then we're not using our time to its best efficiency! That's why members are so crucial. The members need to fellowship. Our ideas of what missionaries are is really the definition of what members are supposed to be. The members ARE THE MISSIONARIES. We are simply there to assist the members in the work. Elder Russel M. Nelson said that. When I am no longer a missionary, I am going to share the gospel with all of my friends!! All of them!! Why shouldn't I? And of course, I'm going to do that while I'm a missionary as well. :] With the people here. But just last night, I gained such a strong testimony of the power of the members. Members are everything. 

Wow, let me get off my pedestal. Sorry, I was just excited.

Our new apartment!  I love it!

Okay. So we had a wedding and a baptism here in Lancaster this weekend. Our investigators, Bobby Jo and Keith got married on Saturday , and got baptized Sunday morning! Exciting! And...SISTER WARD GOT TO COME!!!!!!!!!! Sister Ward was in Lancaster before she was in Eastgate, and she was actually one of the missionaries who started teaching Bobby Jo and Keith. So we worked it out so that she could come. Let me tell you something, I love that girl. I can't put into words how amazing she is. When I was companions with her, I knew she was awesome. But being away from her, good heavens. I learned SO MUCH from her. About missionary work, and about life. COMPANIONS ARE THE BEST. That was the last time I will see her until after my mission. In just a week or so, we will no longer be in the same mission. Sad day. I wanted to stay in Cincinnati, but for some reason, I am in Columbus, and here I shall stay. And I'll always be grateful for those LOVELY, WONDERFUL, AND FANTASTIC months in Cincinnati.

Our run in the morning 

THANK YOU FOR THE DRIED MANGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Times running out! xoxoxox

Love, Terra

I caught Sister Reed by surprise  :D

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