Monday, June 3, 2013

Drake -- One month mark in Poland

We helped the Kageles move into their new house this week
First time wearing normal clothes in Poland
Hey Mom,

I had my one month mark here in Poland this week! It seems like just yesterday that I was in the mission home. 

We have a baptism this week!!!! :) Our amazing investigator Robert is getting baptized and we are so excited for that!

Our investigator Robert.  He is getting baptized!!!

It was fun helping the Kagele's this week with moving into their new house.
I am getting a haircut today. My first one in Poland. I am kind of scared because lots of missionaries have horror stories about their first haircuts in Poland. Sometimes they turn out REALLY bad... :-/ So we'll see!!!

Our family would be dying of allergies here in Bydgoszcz (well, you, Cebre, and James). Right now, it is constantly SNOWING little white fluffly seed things from the trees and pollen stuff. It gets everywhere, covers the ground and gets all in your hair.

That is so cool that you got to meet my new mission president. What did you think of him?

There are Catholic holidays here in Poland like every week.
This one is called Boże Ciało, which means 
"Godly Body" or "Body of God"
At Boże Ciało, they had this procession going around the town with some guy singing some chanty song. It was pretty interesting. Elder Harris didn't like it, 
but I thought it was pretty cool.
It's been kind of stormy here in Bydgoszcz lately. Thunder and lighting and stuff. Thanks for the weather forecast. It looks like it is going to be raining a lot this week!

There was this scary giant dark cloud that covered Bydgoszcz

OH! I got your letters and packages! 

Tell James I love the Polish cards he made me. And I enjoyed the update on the new Pokemon generation! And tell Sister Swain thank you for the cross-stitch thing! It's awesome! :)

Our apartment building
They have Catholic churches on practically every block.

Tell me when the letters I sent get there! I sent James some Pokemon cards!

Love you! Have a great week!

Elder Drake Allen

We have lots of parks in our area that we contact in

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