Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Terra -- Wheezie

Drawing for the day
Okay, this week I made a list of things that I need to write about. Let's start with the funnies (that's where people always turn to in the newspaper first. Come on, let's be honest. That's really the only thing that people read in the newspaper.)

Sister Stump talks in her sleep. I've had a few roommates who talked in their sleep, and whenever they did, and I was awake, I had to do everything in my power to keep myself from busting up laughing. This week Sister Stump was talking SO loudly in her sleep, she woke both Sister Ward and I up. And she talked for a long time, and who knows what she said! It sounded like monkey/baby talk! It was pitch black, but I heard Sister Ward say, "did you hear that?" I said, "yes". "Are you awake?" I said, "yes." And then both Sister Ward and I lost it, we started laughing our heads off. In the middle of the night! In the dark! We were busting up laughing, and we couldn't stop and we couldn't quiet ourselves! And then we both got super hot in our covers because we were laughing so hard. Finally, we tried going back to sleep. But both of us would replay Sister Stump talking in her sleep and one of us would crack and laugh and then the other would too. This went on for a while. FINALLY we were really able to go back to sleep. And Sister Stump never even woke up.

Now little mini Terra has a friend. :]
Another funny story. Before our last transfer, we ate with a less active member, we call her Wheezie. She's the CUTEST and FUNNIEST old lady ever!! Seriously, she is so dang quirky. Her quirks are very similar to mine, and she likes wearing black dresses, and I want to be an old lady just like her. Anyways, we didn't know what was going to happen this last transfer, but we planned that with whoever the new missionary was, we were going to play a trick on her. We planned for Wheezie to pretend that she was Albanian and couldn't speak English. Well, this week we finally got to visit Wheezie. Sister Ward and I prepped Sister Stump telling her that Wheezie was crazy and only spake Albanian and was really hard to communicate with, but it was important that we visited her. We talked to Wheezie right outside her house. Sister Ward and I were holding in laughter the whole time, and couldn't get the smiles off our faces. Wheezie spoke "Albanian" to us, and we used exaggerated hand motions to "try" and communicate with her. Even Sister Stump did. :] It was THE BEST. We talked for a while, and then said goodbye. And Sister Stump asked loudly and with her hands, "How do you say goodbye in Albanian?" And Wheezie pondered, and looked puzzled for about 10 seconds, and then she exclaimed, "Well you'd reckon you'd just say see you later!!!" And we all started cracking up. Sister Stump was...well stumped. I can't put it any better than that.

BFFFFFs in Ohio.
So I was wondering, what do weathermen talk about for small talk? Weather is their main topic of conversation, so...

Okay, so this weekend was great. First of all, I can no longer tell you when we have such high numbers for the week. ("high numbers" sounds bad, but you know what I mean.) So last week we had 12 investigators at church, and I told you that. Well, this week we only had one (given 4 of the previous investigators were baptized..), which is still great! But I think I need to be careful what I say. On Saturday, Jammie and her two kids, Mikey and James, and another guy, Anthony, were baptized. Jammie is Jody's sister. Anthony...holy cow. Anthony we met only two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS AGO! And he just got baptized on Saturday!!!   If that doesn't tell you the church is true, I don't know what does. Seriously. And it also tells that it wasn't us who converted him, it was the Spirit. It was the truthfulness of the gospel. He just knows! HE JUST KNOWS. And he can feel it. And he acted upon it. What a special baptism. Baptisms are my favorite. They really are. They are just...I don't even know what they are just. THEY ARE JUST AWESOME, OKAY. The Spirit is great there. Oh! Nancy was there too! I love seeing Nancy. I'll have you know, this is the first time that I saw Nancy without crying. A day in history worth recording.

BAPTISM DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Saturday we're getting mini-missionaries (prospective missionaries in the area of our mission). There are 170 of them who applied. They are going to stay with us for a week. I am getting two sisters. So I'll be in a completely different trio for the next week. It's going to be crazy. There are going to be 8 missionaries in our apartment. Well house, since we live with members. So, this'll be fun! And also very scary. I know that I'm not considerably normal (no I am pretty normal, I just like strange things) so I hope they like me. And I know that's not the important part, but still, it matters! So, we'll see how this week goes. Also during the mini-missionary week is transfers. So wherever I go, they go. I don't know what's going to happen, if I stay in Cincinnati or go up to Columbus. It's kind of a big deal, because it may be a deciding factor of which mission I am in. Also that week, we get to go to a Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert!!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone is this picture (besides the girl on the far right) was baptized either that day or just one month before. 
Everyone should read from the Book of Mormon everyday. It's too good of a book not to be reading it. That's all for this week!! 

Love, Terra

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