Friday, July 5, 2013

Drake -- Transfer

This is the famous tie in the Poland Warsaw Mission that gets passed down from Trainer to Trainee.

As far back as I know it has gone:


I don't know farther back than Stohel. But it was here like over 3 years ago.

So now I have it, and if I train, then I pass it on.
Pretty cool.

Hello Mom,

So, I have a new companion and his name is Elder Camron Stockford. He is from Oregon and has been in Poland for 8 months.

Elder Stockford (at McDonalds)
Yesterday, in church I taught a Sunday school class. It was the investigator/recent convert class. I didn't know I was going to be teaching it. So that was pretty crazy. And there was a guy in there who just walked into the chapel during sacrament meeting and during class he was asking all these weird questions. But Sławek, a recent convert helped a lot.

So, I gave a package to Sister Kagele yesterday to be sent to you. It is cheaper to send the packages through her because it is by U.S. mail. I don't know how long it will take to get to you guys. She said it could be as long as a month, but as short as a week. So I don't know.

I learned this week that Bydgoszcz used to be part of Germany. It was a German city called Bromberg. And the crazy thing is, our chapel is was the old Nazi Headquarters in Bydgoszcz (then Bromberg) Isn't that crazy?? So, it became Poland after World War II.

Oh, so I wanted to tell you about some of the cool concerts that are going on and have happened recently in Poland:

Paul McCartney, Warsaw
Toto - Łódź
Roger Waters (Pink Floyd, playing the Wal, live), Warsaw (Tell Dad about that one)
Rod Stewart, Rybnik
Depeche Mode, Łódź

Pretty cool, huh?

Sister Kagele told me about Mr. Hart on Thursday.  I am really going to miss him a lot... :-/   I thought of all the fun times we had together and stuff like that.  I sent him an email last Monday.  I don't know if he was able to read it.  (note from Renee -- Mr. Hart died later that night after midnight).  In my email, I bore my testimony to him about being able to live with our families forever. I hope he got to read it. 

How are Cebre and Terra doing with that?

Him passing away brought back the sad feelings of Grandma dying, and was a reminder that she won't be there either when I get back :(
I decided I don't like growing up, because it's too hard having friends pass away.  Sigh

But I guess I just have to remember the truth of what I am telling people all day ever day on the street. That I will be able to see my family again.


Elder Drake Allen

Robert (and Elder Harris before he transferred)
Elder Wilson -- He's now the Zone Leader in Katowice
Elder Vernon -- He's still here in Bydgoszcz as Zone Leader, now with Elder Rittmanic.
Elder Stockford at the Domofon
Ringing someone at an apt. building

Talking to someone through the Domofon

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