Friday, July 5, 2013

Terra -- Rain Time!

It's been raining a lot in Lancaster. I've never particularly liked the rain. Well, no I've always liked it, but I only like it when I'm inside and I'm dry and warm and watching it be pretty but not being affected by it. Well truth, I really don't like my hair being wet, and my clothes being wet. So I don't like getting wet. But guess what. Another opposite affect from the mission. I love the rain!  I love getting wet!!  I woke up one night hearing light booming noises. I thought, "ARE WE GETTING BOMBED??  Why would anyone bomb Ohio, it's so friendly!!!"   At night time, nothing makes sense. Anyways, it was a thunderstorm. Super loud thunder. Not as loud as the time Jenna was spending the night and we ran upstairs and slept on the couch with Cebre. But it was loud.  And the lightning lit up the entire sky. It was neat watching the windows light up.

Anyways. I had some things I wanted to share, but that's in my little black notebook which is in my bag, which is about 30 feet away. Hang on, I'm gonna go get it. I just realized it's down the stairs, so never mind. Oh! I'm at the mission house today. But that's a different story that we don't need to tell. 

Gosh I can't remember what I had to say this week! Hmmm. Well, hmmm. Yeah I really can't think of anything. Sister Burton and Sister Reed are still pretty great. I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. 

I know that I must have learned something profound this week! I always do! But alas, my bag is downstairs, and I am too comfortable in my chair. 

Well, I do remember this. I was having a great day. "Great" as in, I was happy. Nothing great was going on in the work, it's still moving pretty slowly, but I was so happy and just laughing at everything that I said. (My companions don't talk too much, so I do a lot of talking out loud and telling jokes to myself.) And I got two letters! Both from you, Momma dear. As I read one, I realized it was a sad letter, bearing the news of Mr. Hart's passing. My heart stopped. But I read on, and I read about how you wrote that he will be able to watch Drake and I from the other side of the veil. And as soon as I read this, my heart was filled and I laughed out loud. I'm so excited for Mr. Hart to watch me be on a mission!! I want him to see me improve. (It's always a wonderful feeling when your teacher talks about how much you're improving or growing.) I pointed my finger up to the ceiling and said with a smile, "You better watch me!"  I loved Mr. Hart.  He will be a wonderful asset to the Spirit World. 

Okay that's enough for today. Spread the gospel. Sing some songs.

Love, Terra

P.S. (I'm at the mission home with Sister Stump for a few days. Today we went to the zoo in Columbus.  It's been really, really nice to be with Sister Stump again).

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