Monday, July 15, 2013

Drake -- Scary Building

Note from Renee:  I woke up at 4:00 a.m. today so I could be on the computer when Drake was writing -- so we mostly wrote back and forth and by the end, he realized he didn't have time for a longer email.  So today  it's mostly pictures with a "scary story" about this building he found.  Too bad it's not Halloween, so this post would be more fitting!

I cut my own hair for the first time in my life!
Also, here I am in my European missionary garb. 
Slim fit shirt with no pocket and a skinny tie. Yup.

Scary Building 
The story is coming...
Wait for the story...

So, one evening we were going out searching for less active members in our branch.
We saw that this one man lived really close to us, so we decided to visit him.
When we got to the address it was this scary old worn out building from a ghost town.

But we went inside where it was super dark and it felt like we were in a horror movie. We went up these creaky old wooden stairs and found the door to his apartment. We knocked, but no one answered. Then this old man came out of his apartment across the hall. We told him we were looking for Andrzej.

He told us, "On nie żyje." That means, "He's dead!"
He told us he died two months ago, but that he lived there.
We thanked him for the information and left.
We got out of the building and were like, 
"What just happened?!?! Are we in a scary movie or something?!"
It was crazy. 

So we told the branch president because no one in the branch knew that he had died. He told us to go back his apartment and ask his neighbor about the details of his death. So we are going to be heading back this week. Hopefully the only ghost there is the Holy Ghost helping us!

(In case you missed the look on Drake's face!)

Teaching Adam the Word of Wisdom
We played Jenga and used the analogy that when we disobey the Word of Wisdom (taking a block out) it makes our body weaker.
He thought it was fun.
Everytime we took turns taking out a block, we had to say something that was against the Word of Wisdom.
Do zobaczenia!! 

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