Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drake -- Eggs!

Little old Village of Fordon

Hey Mom, I have a favor to ask of you

Can you go to Wikipedia and type in "Bydgoszcz"

Then copy and paste the history of Bydgoszcz and email it to me so that I can print it out and read it?

And can you do the same with ToruĊ„ and Fordon?  


(Note from Renee -- While doing that for Drake, I learned that Fordon is the largest district of Bydgoszcz, with over 75,000 people, dating back to 1112).

Old Town Fordon

Church in Fordon

Good news!

There was a miscommunication between Sister Edgren and the APs and the Zone Leaders and we ARE allowed to hardboil eggs!!!

She just said that we need to made sure that eggs are thoroughly cooked and somehow when it got down to our level, it came out as "only scramble eggs."

It's like the telephone game!

So I have egg salad sandwiches for breakfast! Yay!

I got the package!
It was awesome!
I love all the chocolate milks!! I got so excited about that!!!
The muffin got kind of moldy, but I took off the mold and still ate it!

So, I am not the biggest fan of Cheez-its
So I will be sharing a lot of those with my companion... haha
But I do like the Goldfish!

And thanks for the Johnny's!!!!

Love, Drake

Elder Stockford eating a Kabob
Church near where we live

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