Sunday, July 14, 2013

Drake -- SPLASH!

Patriotism! ~ 4th of July

Dear Mom,

So this week was interesting. A lot happened.

First of all, one evening we were contacting in a park. And I saw some little ducklings in a pond. I knew how to say duck, but not duckling in Polish.
So I went and asked some old ladies sitting on a bench how to say duckling. (Whenever we have a question about the language we always ask someone, like the next person you see, because it's a great conversation starter and the next question they ask is always, "Who are you? Why are you learning Polish? And why are you in Poland?") "Well let me tell you..." :)

So they taught me how to say it, "Kaczuszka". Then they were asking me about who I was. Then one of them asked me what I thought was, "Jak polski ci się podoba?" meaning, "How do you like Polish?" People ask that a lot. So I said, "BARDZO mi się podoba!" meaning, "I REALLY like it!"
But... that's not what they asked... See, there is one letter difference between "polski" and "polki" The first one means the polish language, which is what I thought she said, and then there is "polki", which means Polish Women...
...So she had asked how I liked Polish girls. And I had replied, "I REALLY like them!!"
Then Elder Stockford realized what they said and said to me, "Elder, they are talking about the girls, not the language!"
So I was like, OH!
So I turned back to the lady and said... "Well, we are missionaries and we need to focus on our work."
Oh gosh...
Elder Stockford would not stop laughing afterwards.
So that was funny.

For the Fourth of July, we wore patriotic ties. (See picture I sent) We taped a little American flag to the railing of our balcony. We sang the National Anthem and America, The Beautiful. We read scriptures from the Book of Mormon that prophecy about the USA. And we zapped flies with our electric fly swatter for fireworks. Then, for the finale, they was a thunderstorm at night, which was our fireworks.

(see the little flag? -- and look at our ties!)

Then, last night, We were contacting on our way home along the river. On the other side of the river, there were some drunk guys on the shore next to some jet skis in the water. I looked over and said, "Oh look. Drunk guys and jet skis. That doesn't seem like a good combination." Then one of them gets on a jet ski and starts riding around on the river all crazily. Then he sees us and started driving towards us at full speed, and then turned right before the shore sending a wall of water at us to splash us. We got soaked. But we just kept walking. Then he came and did it again. So we just walked home soaked and he eventually drove away.

Stupid Drunk Guy on Jet Ski

Wait, why is Dad going to the doctor for head injuries? And is the Family Reunion this week?

The package home should be on it's way. I think Sister Kagele sent it this week.

We have Zone Training this week and it will be the Edgrens' first time in Bydgoszcz. It will be fun to see them!

Elder Drake Allen

Teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The steps are:

Gift of the Holy Ghost
Enduring to the end

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