Sunday, July 21, 2013

Terra -- Back Home!

Note from Renee -- As many of you know, Terra came home from her mission in Ohio a little over a week ago.  She completed her mission at 6 months due to some health concerns.  It all came about quite quickly, and we were in Utah for a family reunion, so she flew into Salt Lake City to be with us there.  We are so proud of our Terra for the fabulous work that she did and know that she touched many lives in the Ohio Columbus Mission!  

The kids made welcome signs at Cebre's house

We know you want to see the details on James'
morphed Ditto welcome sign

We waited and waited and waited and waited.

And after seeing over 100 people come down the escalator, 
(and look at our signs) we finally spotted Terra!

Tears of joy

Together with Terra again!

As we left the airport, Scott suggested that Terra have a simple answer for any friends or relatives who may wonder what happened, how she's doing, etc.  Terra said that she liked Kirby Heyborne's response in "The R.M." movie . . . , so we'll just let him answer for her:  :)

Terra's home and she's doing great!  We love having her with us again!

(edited several months later -- I just have to add this fabulous picture of Terra at BYU -- she's doing great in school and loves working on campus as a Graphic Designer)

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