Sunday, July 14, 2013

Terra -- Transferred!!

Got to do exchanges with Sister McDougle!!

I'm no longer in Lancaster!! There was an emergency transfer this past Wednesday morning and I was moved up to Delaware, Ohio and am now companions with Sister Stump. And I love Sister Stump. It is very fun being with her. I already know that we're going to be good friends forever. And I mean forever. 

So Delaware, Ohio. It's a cute old city town. Well, it's got a cute downtown. Our apartment is two stories like the one in Lancaster. And it has been raining like CRAZY this week. Which is wonderful, because of my new love for the rain. Last night was a crazy storm again. The thunder was so loud!! It was as loud as that one time Jenna spent the night and we both woke up and got super scared. I think the lightning must have been right above us. BECAUSE IT WAS LOUD. Kind of fun, but I really wanted to sleep.

Visiting someone in the hospital-
we got to wear fun yellow dress things!

We have some investigators, none are really progressing. The work isn't going very swiftly here. There are elders in our ward as well, they're our zone leaders. So we share the ward, which confuses things sometimes, but I think we've figured it out. 

For the fourth of July we decided to do some street contacting, because we figured people would be out downtown. We planned to go during the parade at 4pm. Well, it turns out the parade ended at 4 and started at 3, so no one was there. But we walked up and down the street and talked to some people. We talked to one guy named Josh who was sitting by a building out of the rain, and it was a really good conversation. We got super wet, but it wasn't cold so it was okay. Sister Stump and I both felt that the Spirit was there and that the conversation went really well, and he accepted a return appointment, but the next day he called us and told us he didn't want us to come, and then he hung up. We had a few people drop us this week. Never fun. But Preach My Gospel in chapter 9 says that no effort is wasted! But sometimes it feels like it is. Sometimes it's hard to be faithful. Sometimes it's hard to be a missionary.

So this email isn't 100% super cheery. But it is cheery because I'm with Sister Stump again, and I love her. I wish we could be companions my entire mission. The rain is good too. And it was fun feeding a baby cow. 

Love, Terra

Feeding little cows (calves, if you want to get technical)!
They were strong little fellas.
Columbus zoo!  Bats.  Aren't they wonderful?
Our friend, the gorilla
Windy, windy on the bridge

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