Monday, April 8, 2013

Terra's Birthday Pictures

Birthday Planner
I'm running into problems trying to post ALL of the pictures Terra sent this week, so I'll do them in separate posts. These are the pictures from Terra's Birthday last Monday.

She went to Opening Day in downtown Cincinnati. Enjoy!

In front of the big library in downtown Cincinnati!

Missy Blackham and Sister Blackham spent the day with us. We love them. :]

SO MANY people. And this was only one corner of the town.

Baseball throwing contest. I didn't win. 

This was a neat mural by the baseball stadium. I thought I saw him blink once.

Another fun mural! This is for the Opera parking garage.

Red's Day parade and festival! We got necklaces with pieces of cheese on them. Not real cheese, but I was so hungry I wanted them to be!

My meal at Panera. They put my sandwich as far away as they could from the apple, almost off the plate!

In Kentucky  -- Ohio is on the other side of the bridge

Downtown. Looks kind of like San Fran, no?

This guy... we're not quite sure if he was at the right game. The Red's were playing the Angels.

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