Saturday, April 20, 2013

Drake with another Standring boy!

(This is Renee talking here in case you can't figure that out yourself) --

Okay, perhaps I should be calling David a young man instead of a boy, but the Standrings do have 6 boys, and David's one of them, so that's that!  The Standrings live in Crescent City and we became good friends with them in our years living up in the Eureka Stake.  David and Cebre are the same age and took the ACT and SAT together MULTIPLE times :).

Anyway, if you recall, Drake saw Mark Standring in the MTC before Mark went to Germany.  I was wondering if Drake would ever see David, who teaches the MTC and went to his mission to Guatemala.  (Wasn't it just the other day that you were posting that David arrived safely there, Lori?)

Perhaps Drake saw him since Drake's classroom was moved near some Spanish speaking elders. Maybe so!  Nonetheless, enjoy!

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