Sunday, April 28, 2013

Drake leaves the MTC.......after 9 wonderful weeks

Saying Goodbye to Brat Tribe --
He is the best teacher ever!
Hey Mom,

So we leave for Poland on Monday. We fly out of SLC at 11:00 am.
I don't know if I will have time to call, but I will try. If I am able to call, it will probably be between 8:00 and 9:30 your time.
If not, I will be able to call you on Mother's Day, which is just in a few weeks, I think.
Also, can you put more money on my debit card? I need the money for baggage fees. I will be reimbursed when I get to Poland.

Also, I forgot to tell you that Ashley McKay is Chad Flake's teacher. Pretty small world.

Everything worked out with the retainers. I have both of them now. It was quite an adventure to go to leave the MTC and go to the Dentist this week. We took a shuttle there and got to walk back.

I am glad Lexie likes her shirt. It seems to fit her well.

We also got to host this week.  I saw Sister Salas once, I think.

We go to the main square in Warsaw right after we get off the plane and start contacting. Pretty scary.

I don't know when my first P-Day will be in Poland when I am able to email you. But pray for me until you hear from me!

Tell everyone hi!
Bye bye!
Starszy Drake Allen

P.S. from Renee -- ("Host" means to be a greeter for the new missionaries as they get to the curb at the MTC.  Joanna Salas just left Santa Cruz to go into the MTC last Wednesday.  I had told Drake to watch for her.  

And Drake sent Lexie a shirt with a Romanian flag on it from the MTC -- my grandpa is from Romania and Lexie looks the most Romanian of all of us and shares my grandpa's birthday). 

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