Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Short short! (not to be confused with short shorts)

A really great guy we've been teaching
Our District!

Short email today. Today has been a little crazy. Transfers are tomorrow, and Sister Ward and I were 99% sure that we were going to be split up, but good news... WE AREN'T!!! We both get to stay in Eastgate Ward!!! This is truly TRULY a miracle because there are 15 new sisters coming in this transfer, which means that nearly every sister is training, and so my chances of training were very high, but we've been praying for the past month or so that we would be able to stay together and PRAYER WORKS!!  WE'RE STAYING TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!  We're getting another sister though. So, there will be three of us now. We'll see how that goes. Trio time!

We have some wonderful news!! I'll have to expound next week though. Jody, Annabel, Jon and Drew got baptized this past weekend! So amazing! And now Jody's husband and her sister have baptismal dates set as well!! And we have two more investigators with baptismal dates set!!! THE WORK IS MOVING HERE SO RAPIDLY!!!! IT IS SO DANG COOL AND I AM SO HAPPY TO BE IN EASTGATE.

OH man. It is wonderful. We have been so blessed, and we are continually being blessed.

More on Monday, I promise. Today we are cut short. LOVE YOU!

Love, Terra

Playing some disc golf!

 Bigfoot!! Just kidding!

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