Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Terra -- I went to the ZOO!!!

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
Tres Companeras!
Dear mom, 

Another short email. I went to the zoo today. Saw lots of animals. Rode a few. FED A GIRAFFE. 

I <3 U
So here's some cool news. Sister Stump, Sister Ward and I are leading our zone!! :] The assistants keep texting and calling us and asking us what we are doing to be doing so well and such. THAT IS COOL. That is really great encouragement. Truly though, all the people we've met and taught/are teaching have fallen into our hands. This is a blessed area. 

Gettin' the mail after a service project.
The orphanage in the basement.
Polar Bear.
I'm sure proud of my picture skills.
White Lion.
I miss the Monterey Bay Aquarium!!!!
Sister Ward and the gator!
Sister Stump and the gator!
Sister Allen and the gator!

I took plenty of pictures of this rhino, but everyone loves a rhino's bottom the best, including me.
That's a real rhino!!!
Okay, it's not real. But it was really tall and it was very scary to be on top of. I don't recommend heights to anyone.

Feeding a giraffe
The white handbook doesn't say anything about
not proselyting to statues.
So, sorry this is short. No letters will be written today either, we only have an hour left of P-Day and we still have to go to the grocery store. Sad day! But I got to talk to you all on the phone yesterday which was WONDERFUL. I loved hearing all of your voices. :] 

So, sorry this is short, but there are lots of pictures!

I love you all!!

Love, Terra

We fell!  Doesn't look very real, does it?
This one's better.  We're in Ohio.
The other side of the river is Kentucky.
Sister Stump caught a frog!
Staring contest.  He won.

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