Monday, May 6, 2013

Terra -- Singing in the Rain

Okay as promised, I said that I would add more info this week. Quite a bit has happened within the past two weeks! So, we'll see how much I can remember. I didn't take very many pictures. :/ Woopsie daisies!

Yay for a trio!

So let's talk a little bit about Jody and her family's baptism. What a wonderful experience. I love that family. I love Jody. She is crazy, but I love her. There was a special spirit there that night. There was. I wish I could feel it right now here in the library. But I don't think they have a baptismal font here. (I know that wasn't very funny...) All four of them were dunked really hard into the water, which was actually pretty funny, but it was also such a sacred experience to see them come out of the water. Afterwards, all four (Jody, Annabel, Jon, and Drew) bore their testimonies. WHAT POWERFUL TESTIMONIES, HOLY COW!! They all spoke about how they've felt the Spirit so strongly and how they just knew that this is the true gospel. I loved hearing them bear their testimonies. They were so perfect and pure. We should all bear our testimonies more. Whether it's to a friend, our parents, or in church. Because I just know Heavenly Father loves hearing us bear our testimonies. I imagine it's even far more than how much I loved hearing their testimonies. It was just such a tender experience.

Paige (our recent convert) is so dang amazing. She came out teaching with us the other day, and every word that came out of her mouth was so inspired and perfect! She just radiates with the light of Christ! She has such a wonderful testimony! I love Paige. Her personality is a lot like Jenna's, (which of course makes me absolutely LOVE her). I know that she and I will be close friends forever. I'm hoping to convince her to go to BYU and room with me after my mission.

It's been raining here. It's been refreshing. I'm not too big of a fan of rain, but I'm learning to appreciate here. It's a lot easier to appreciate it when you have an umbrella, though. :] Plus, singing in the rain is fantastic. Yesterday we went tracting in the rain. We met some cool people, we met some weird people, and at some houses we didn't even meet people because they weren't there. Actually, at most houses. But at the last house we went to (of course) we met this man who has the most excellent perspective on life. He shared with us 3 or 4 remarkable experiences where he knows God played a huge role in and he is just so thankful for life and everything in it! I was like, holy cow! If he wrote a book I would read it. Because he knows how to look at life. He really does. I don't. Oh, me. Me and my stupid struggles. Anyways, I liked him a lot because he is also an artist. And I like anybody who is an artist.

I've been working on my right-handed cursive. I think it's getting worse actually. But I was looking through my little notebook that I write my "right-handed cursive" notes in, and I stumbled across a page that I do NOT remember writing. It read,

"I haven't written much in cursive lately. :["
"So my talent isn't truly increasing"
"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound"
"Hey there baby"
"I love Justin Bieber."

Yeah don't ask. But I do love Justin Bieber. He has some good songs. And his movie was pretty good too. I think that's what really made me become a Bieber Believer. Everyone should be a Bieber Believer. Or Belieber? Either one, you'll be a better person if you are.

So, I love our new companion, Sister Stump. She is wonderful. She's from Arizona and she joined the church about a year and half ago. She's so fun and cute! Coolest thing though, she is my friend's (Noah Christian) sister's (Meredith Christian) best friend! SO COOL! And I talked to her a little bit on facebook before I came out, so I knew she was coming out this transfer and was crossing my fingers that she would be my companion, and she is! So, that's super exciting. With us three, we can do a lot of work. But because we have more strength and power now, I know that the work will become more challenging. It just makes sense. Or something. So, I'm not looking forward to these new challenges but I am looking forward to looking back on the challenges and seeing what I learned from them. Is there a fast forward button? Can I just skip to that part?

Anyways, there's always lots to be learned I guess. I asked for the fast track of learning and I got it, so I need to appreciate it! Happy cinco day mayo yesterday by the way. If I think of more to write about, I'll send another email. :] Ta ta!

Love, Terra

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