Monday, May 20, 2013

Drake -- Pierwzy Chrzest w Polsce!

Dear Mom,

So, the subject means... drumroll please!
First baptism in Poland!

His name is Adam! He is the 12 year old son of a member in our branch named Renata. The person in the picture who baptized him is his Step-Dad and is named Marek. The baptism was so awesome! It was at a swimming pool! Because they don't have a font. So that was different.

Adam and Marak
I got to participate in his confirmation on Sunday, which was very cool. It was the first time I've gotten to do that.

So lately, Bydgoszcz has been very hot and humid. But sometimes it just starts pouring rain super hard suddenly.

Random thunderstorm in the middle of a super hot day!

We teach English class once a week on Wednesday's at the chapel. It's actually really fun. haha... It's kind of funny to hear all these old people try to speak English because they all say everything so funny... haha
We teach English as a means to try to find people to teach.

Oh... Jasmine, our investigator from Denmark dropped us this week... :(
She's been meeting with missionaries for years. She told us she didn't want to meet with us anymore... which is very sad :(
We only have 2 investigators now. Well, actually, Robert, our investigator with a baptismal date in June, his wife is starting to get interested so we are going to try to start teaching her too! And they are about to have a baby soon! So maybe we'll have another family in the Bydgoszcz branch!

Have you guys looked up pictures of Bydgoszcz? Have you looked where my apartment is on Google Earth? You should do that for family home evening!

The bridge we walk over every day
Tell James I got some more awesome Pokemon cards! Tell him I got a Level X Lucario, a Gyarados (with a Magikarp), and Magmortar (full set with Magby and Magmar) That should make him excited!

There was a scary concert thing on the river right next to where we live this week. It went on for days and was super loud. There were people drinking and smoking marajuana;  it was pretty scary. But we are still alive!

Walking around Bydgoszcz
I am still waiting for letters from home! Has Lexie sent one yet?

Starszy Drake Allen

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