Monday, May 27, 2013

Drake -- Today is my 3 month mark of my mission!

In front of our church -- it's a little building
Hey mom,

3 months already! Pretty crazy. 1/8 of the way through my mission already.

This week was pretty cold and rainy in Bydgoszcz. Do you guys ever look at what the weather is like here in Bydgoszcz?
Haha! You could even send me a 5-day forecast for the week!! Because we have no idea what is coming up in the weather each week!

River Brda -- This is the river we live right next to
Bydgozcz sunset on the Brda River!
Looks pretty cool!
These are the trams that we always take everywhere.
We had 12 lessons this week. Which is a lot! It's the most we've ever gotten. We also gave out 8 Book of Mormons. Which is the most we've done ever, too. So, I guess it was a pretty productive week.

Adam (the 12 year old boy who got baptized last week) got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday.I got to participate in that, so that was good.

This is Adam and his parents, Renate, and Marek.
He wouldn't take the blanket off his head.
We got a new investigator this week. Her name is Rose and she is like 14 years old. She is in our English class, that is where we found her. So we help her with English but we are going to start teaching her, too.

Walking around Bydgoszcz
Starszy Harris

We also have a potential investigator that we met on the street whose name is Paula. We had just gone to McDonalds and they have the Monopoly sticker thing going on there like they do in the United States sometimes. So they gave me a little brochure for the game with my meal. So I put the stickers on it and then put it in the Book of Mormon I was holding. 

Then we met Paula and I gave her the Book of Mormon, but had forgotten that the McDonalds thing was in there. So she was holding it. And then I remember that the Monopoly things was in there! So I asked for it back, and took it out. It was funny. haha

Bydgoszcz Chapel
Pointing to our chapel on the street

Also, we pass out a lot of pass along cards. We usually say "Zapraszamy" and hand them the card. Which means, "We invite"
So I was crossing the street and there was this teenage couple walking behind me and I accidentally dropped a pass along card. So the girl picked it up to hand it to me. And I just smiled and said, "Zapraszamy!" And she smiled and said "Aha..." Haha, and then I just kept walking. So that was funny too.

Contacting on the street!
Not everyone stops to listen

Our investigator Franciszek is having a hard time with the Law of Tithing. He believes in it but doesn't think it is possible for him to pay it. So we are trying to help him with that but it is being hard because it is such an obstacle for him.

What did James say about the Pokemon cards? Was he excited?

This week, I also have my 1 month mark in Poland. Which is insane. It went by so fast. Which means we are also almost halfway through the transfer as well.

I love you!

-Starszy Drake Allen

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