Friday, May 3, 2013

Drake's arrival in Poland

These are pictures and captions from the Nielson Poland Warsaw Mission Blog.  Sister Nielson is just wonderful about posting pictures and happenings from the mission -- and especially of the new missionary arrivals.  Yay for that!

For more details on their arrival day, you can click here.

For more details on days 2 and 3, click here.

We should get Drake's first email from Poland on Monday.  Until then, enjoy . . .

The newest Poland Missionaries + President & Sister Nielson

Heading out of the airport (Drake's in the far back)

Drake looking mighty refreshed at 2:00 a.m. (our time)
and  after a 15 hour flight

The Wilanow Palace in Warsaw

Drake's not in this one, but they all went to start talking with the Polish people right away.

Spaghetti dinner on Polish pottery at the president's house

Day 2 -- Walking from the mission home to the mission office

Signing some documents

The trainers arrive from their various cities to meet their new missionary companions!

Drake meets his new companion, Starszy Harris

Starszy Harris and Allen will serve in  Bydogszcz

After the assignments were made, they enjoyed some spiritual instruction from President Nielson.

Gathered together with their new companions for a final picture before they depart to their new areas.  I'm sure the excitement was HUGE, yet a bit sad separating from their district they'd grown to love after the past 9 weeks.  They will see be together again, though, with new experiences to share!

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